Wearable technology better than standard hospital visits for functional assessment in DMD

A multicenter study presented at the WMS 2021 virtual congress introduced a novel wearable technology-based digital endpoint called Stride Velocity 95th Centile (SV95C) that accurately reflected normal daily ambulatory performance in patients with DMD.

The new digital clinical outcome assessment (COA) has been qualified by the European Medicines Agency, allowing clinicians and drug developers to assess new drug efficacy using this endpoint. 

To determine the clinical validity and responsiveness of SV95C, Dr Melanie Annoussamy from Sysnav, in Vernon, France, and colleagues from centers in Switzerland, UK, and Belgium, measured SV95C in 125 ambulatory DMD patients (5-14 year-olds) with at least 50 hours of recordings from a wearable device worn at the ankle.