Seizure after stroke: identifying patients at risk

The risk of post-stroke seizure (PSS) is influenced by the type of stroke treatment, reported Dr Patrick Kwan of the University of Melbourne, Australia, at AES 2018.

Almost 10% of patients with stroke will develop seizures in the subsequent decade. “This incidence may be underestimated because seizure often goes unrecognized in stroke patients, particularly in elderly patients,” Dr Kwan noted. Identifying which patients are most likely to develop PSS could help prevent it, he said.

Some tools, such as the SeLECT score, can estimate seizure risk based on clinical factors. “The caveat is that patients in this study were recruited between 2002 and 2008, so there’s a bit of a gap,” said Dr Kwan. “Since then, there have been significant changes in how acute stroke is managed.”